Dealing with the Financial Impact of High Medical Bills

stressed couple Did you know that one in four American families experience some level of difficulty in paying medical bills? According to data from the National Health Interview Survey, some of these families have problems paying medical bills in general, while others have long-term payments that are hurting them financially; others still are unable to pay their healthcare bills at all. If you are struggling with heavy medical debt, there are ways to find relief that are easier than you think.

Debt Consolidation

Medical debt is just like any other debt you have accumulated – it is money owed, whether to a lender, creditor or doctor’s office. The best long-term strategy is to gradually pay down this debt; however, medical debt can often be difficult to manage, since it’s often simpler for the organizations in question to just send it off to collections rather than working with you. Perhaps you’ve already tried to dodge collections by paying the bill with a credit card, but now you’re having trouble affording all of that interest. You’ll need a way to pay off the lump sum now so that your debt doesn’t ruin your credit. In order to avoid this and get financial help, you’ll need a debt consolidation loan.

A debt consolidation loan doesn’t make your medical bills disappear, but it can immediately improve your cash flow and provide you with some much-needed financial relief. In layman’s terms, these loans can be used to pay off all of your bills at once, leaving you with only one bill that offers a much lower interest rate. This provides you with more financial flexibility, as all of your medical debt will now be in one easy-to-manage account.

Debt consolidation loans also keep you from forgetting due dates and make it easier to manage the money at your disposal. For instance, having bills due the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 27th of each month makes it more likely that you will overlook one of them or potentially spend the money in your account without leaving enough for that automatic payment that you scheduled. With only one bill to remember, this scenario becomes much less likely.

In addition, these loans can be tailored to your specific financial needs. For example, even if you haven’t resorted to using your credit cards on medical debts, you may still owe a significant amount on them. You can bundle these cards into the loan so that you get all of the advantages of lower interest rates. This is especially useful for credit cards, since many of them have prohibitively high interest rates once you’ve passed the introductory period. This extra money can be used to better manage your finances, pay for regular life expenses, and start putting aside some savings. Once you get into the habit of being smart with your money, it can keep you from falling into the same debt trap again, and those savings can be put towards unforeseen medical expenses in the future.

Whether you are on the brink of having your medical debt sent into collections or you’ve maxed out your high-interest credit cards to cover medical bills, contact Broadstar Financial Group for a debt consolidation loan. With it, you may be able to overcome the financial burden of medical debt!

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